Global trends setting the agenda for the way we live

It is hard to predict the future. Someone once said that the Internet was a fad. Amazon hit the road a year after a futurist claimed that online shopping was irrelevant. There is room for failure when trying to predict the future. However, I dare to paint the contour lines of the future, based on […]

Gen Z is more than “just purpose”

“It seems as if working for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry has become more respected after COVID. The World has seen the importance of supply chain excellence. Of keeping the wheels running, providing governments, businesses, and consumers with necessities. This has become a present purpose for this industry. I think we all have felt it […]

A global, clear sight on trends

Most Europeans have the chance to work freely without any significant kind of post-pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, we learned at last week’s gathering in the Panorama community that some continents are facing restrictions again, solely working from home. As always, it was a pleasure, full of inspiration, and fun, meeting our colleagues world-wide from 50 offices […]

crisis management revealed

Crisis Management – Revealed

Mangaard & Partners had the privilege of being the facilitator at a talk show at the Danish Branded Goods Association’s 50-year Anniversary on March 8, 2018, in Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen. The talk show with Mats Jansson (Chairman of the Supervisory Board at AHOLD DELHAIZE) and Chris Van Steenbergen (Chief Human Resource […]