Executive Search

Executive search is more than finding candidates with the required expertise and background. It is also about finding the right cultural fit for your organisation.

Usually, all it takes is a few keystrokes to submit a resume, leaving you swamped with too many candidates to consider. With an executive search, we can help by only presenting the best suitable candidates on the market. We can access candidates who are not actively searching a new position.

Through a rigorous and structured search, we identify the qualified candidates to find the one person suitable for your unique needs. We believe that the importance of finding the right employee should result in a long-lasting relationship.

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Briefing Workshop

Before we undertake the assignment, we offer you a briefing workshop at no additional cost. The workshop helps us tailor a proposal based on your specific needs to provide you with the best solution and strategy for your case.

At the briefing workshop, both the consultant and researcher will be present together with representatives from your organisation.

It will entail an in-depth conversation on several aspects of your organisation, such as culture, strategy, talent, leadership style, team dynamics and a thorough dialogue about the role, terms, challenges and your expected ideal profile.

Beforehand we will prepare an initial market intelligence and market talent assessment and represent this to you. The result is a briefing report that is entirely yours. The report will contain our findings and suggested profile on the candidate. When you choose to move on to the next step, we will create a proposal based on the brief report.

Our Industries

Pharmaceuticals (innovative and generic)
Medical Technology (devices and diagnostics)
Services and enabling technology
Consumer healthcare (OTC)

Oil and gas
Energy infrastructure
Renewable energy production
Renewable service management
Energy storage and logistics

Private equity
Accounting and legal
Management consulting
Financial sector
Pension and insurance
Real estate
Board solutions
Public sector

Food production/service
Non-food categories
Consumer electronics
Personal care and perfume
Tele communication

Chemicals and coatings
Steel and metals
Heavy electronics
Industry service
Building supplies
Construction equipment

Automotive industry
Transportation planning

Our Search Process

Our process is flexible and is adjustable depending on your preferred level of involvement in the different parts of the process. We have chosen to divide our process into four steps, but the truth is that there are many more steps in an executive search recruitment. You are more than welcome to contact us for further information if you wish to have a more detailed run-through of the procedure.

Step One – Defining the search

In the first step of our executive search process we determine the search parameters, the role profile, as well as agreeing on the project plan and timings in close cooperation with you. We locate the relevant companies, where potential candidates may be employed and a long list comprised of candidates and informers is sent to you. Our research team approach potential candidates and conduct screenings to identify potential interest.

Step Two – Interviews and tests

We usually conduct three interviews for senior positions. This part of the process can vary depending on the level of confidentiality and complexity of the role. In the interviews, we acquire information regarding the candidates’ professional background, motivation, remuneration, terms and so forth. The candidates undergo different assessments and test in which we assess their character and cognitive capabilities.

Step Three – Shortlist and presentation

Both reference and background checks are conducted to confirm the candidates’ qualification and experience. We present the candidates at a meeting, where we discuss the candidates and the strategy for the interviews between you and the candidates. Mangaard & Partners handle bookings, travel arrangements and so forth.

Step Four – Hire and onboarding

Once you have selected your candidate, we can, if needed be, assist with further assessments and references as well as taking part in the final negotiations with the chosen candidate. When the contract is agreed upon and signed, we will close the search and ensure that the remaining candidates are given a thorough and constructive rejection and as well as perform a post-search evaluation.