There are many different situations, where one can benefit from external consulting. What we deliver are a second opinion and an external perspective.

We can consult in cases of conflict in your team or merging of teams. We also handle matters such as onboarding, assessments of candidates, tests and personal profiling.

In full team assessments, we evaluate behaviour styles and competencies, how do these manifest themselves in daily interactions and effect the work environment. We look at motivation factors, how and why do your team behave as it does. We have a business psychologist and executive coaches affiliated.

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We can help your with

In close cooperation with you, we can assist in onboarding processes. From introductions to mentoring setups – we support with targeted coaching and psychological sessions, to enhance the placed candidate’s inclusion in the team culture.

By vastly improving the speed of the candidate reaching top performance, we improve the chance of a fruitful and lasting corporation between the candidate and your organisation.

Are you standing in a position, where you are unsure about your final candidates for a senior level job? Let us help you in assessing your final candidates so that you can make the right choice. It doesn’t matter whether you have conducted a recruitment process or it is internal candidates.

By using a variety of methodologies such as interviewing, tests and personal profiling, we can provide you with a clear picture of your candidates, so that you can decide between your candidates on an informed basis.

Do you need a single candidate or perhaps a team tested, then we have different systems, depending on your specific needs and requirements.
The most regular tests we conduct are full assessment centres, IQ tests, personality profiling, 360 degrees’ assessment. Tests and personality profiling are part of the usual executive search process.