Our values

In effort to deliver the best quality to our clients and candidates, we know that our values must be ingrained in our company and a part of every team member at Mangaard & Partners.

This is why we have a value based approach to everything we do. Our values have shaped our company’s identity, work ethics and work environment. Being able to deliver on our value of quality means having the rest of our core values such as care, ethics, teamwork and transparency with us in every step we take, they are the reason behind our success. Therefore, it is important for us that these values are a part of our everyday interactions.

It is after all easier to move in the same direction, when we all have a common goal. Our goal is delivering the best results and to keep pushing the bar a little higher every time, to streamline our process while looking for new ways to make it better, learn new ways of attaining candidates and to maintain and grow our relationships with our clients, network and colleagues.

The foundation of our company is teamwork and mutual respect.

At Mangaard & Partners we have a very flat hierarchical structure. Our researchers and consultants are peers working together on every process in teams. We always set a specific search team on every search assignment working to deliver top quality processes.

Depending on the assignment, the team can range from two to seven or eight people, ensuring speed, consistency and an impressive pool of experience, all to ensure the success of our clients.

We never compromise with ethics.

To us ethics equals the utmost respect for our clients and their reputation. They can expect complete confidentiality when working with us. All information obtained in the relationship with our clients are treated with the outmost respect and discretion. Our clients are our partners, naturally we would never weaken their position, by working with their direct competitors in areas of potential conflict or actively search for talent within their organisation.

The same goes for our candidates. All our candidates’ information is kept with outmost care and discretion. We strive to keep our candidates well informed of the processes and status at all times. Openness towards our candidates is a virtue for us, we give open and honest feedback, that can bring value to each candidate.

We represent not only the companies, but also our candidates.

Our candidates are usually recruited from another company, they have chosen to say goodbye to a secure job, good colleagues and stray from the known path. This impacts not only the companies, but also the people involved in the process, the candidate and their family.

We do not take this lightly, we know it requires skills, commitment, experience and insight. But it also requires understanding and a humble state of mind. We care about our candidates, that is why we always follow up on our placed candidates, to ensure they are thriving in their new environment.

To us, transparency is a matter of trust.

Executive search is often surrounded by secrecy and to many an unknown practice. However, we strive to be completely open towards our clients; what we are doing, where we are in the process.

We take pride in every part of our work and want to show our clients what they are getting. We would never compromise our client’s confidentiality or the trust from our candidates.

To keep pushing the bar.

At Mangaard & Partners we don’t measure our success by only the created profit or number of placed candidates. We measure the quality of our work by how much we can push the limits and set new standards for ethics, candidate feedback and interpersonal relationships.

Our processes are on-going. Always developed and updated. The combination of state of the art technology and old school traditional research, means that we can provide the highest level of quality every single time.