At Mangaard & Partners, we have a value based approach to everything we do. Our values have shaped our company’s identity, work ethics and work environment. Being able to deliver on our value of quality means having the rest of our core values such as care, ethics, teamwork and transparency with us in every step we take, they are the reason behind our success.

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Executive Search » 

Executive Search is more than finding candidates with the right qualifications. You also have to be sure the candidates are the right cultural fit.

Consulting »

We can assist you with onboarding of new employees, assessments of candidates, tests and personal profiling for both new and existing employees.

Board Solutions »

Add value to your company by having the right advisor assisting you with your board. We can help you identify your needs.

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International Collaboration

We are a member of The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL). TGCL combines the expertise of each firm and aims to explore new assessment techniques, champion the use of the latest technologies and promote best practice in search, culture and talent management. Read more →

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