A global, clear sight on trends

Most Europeans have the chance to work freely without any significant kind of post-pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, we learned at last week’s gathering in the Panorama community that some continents are facing restrictions again, solely working from home.

As always, it was a pleasure, full of inspiration, and fun, meeting our colleagues world-wide from 50 offices across all regions, counting nearly 400 professionals within executive search and strategy consultancy.

Despite being an industry by some people perceived as being conservative, last week’s meeting proves the opposite. The topics driving the entire week were all elements changing our lives. We did not touch the pandemic as such but discussed diversity, inclusion, and drilled into the ESG agenda (environment, social, and governance).

The interesting part is that we did not just talk about these topics but as a matter of fact, most of us experienced that this is the reality our clients operate within. This is not just an academical chat about future discourses but elements having a significant influence on the businesses of our clients.

At Mangaard & Partners Executive Search, embracing values, people, and social trends, is nothing new. We claim to have our own medicine, aiming towards being diverse, which also is projected in the composition of our team, with people representing many different cultural backgrounds, industry track records, at the same time also having a 50-50 gender equality. It is our experience that this truly adds strength and valuable perspectives to the quality and outcome of our work.

The Panorama group is like a family of like-minded people to us, despite coming from various cultures and with different specialties in the portfolio, we share the same visions of offering high-quality executive search and strategy advisory to our clients.

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