Mangaard & Partners Executive Search extending our Partner team

It is my pleasure to announce that Sacha Mendes da Silva has been promoted and are now part of our team of Partners in Mangaard & Partners Executive Search

Sacha already held a management position in Mangaard & Partners, but as Partner Sacha will also be part of the strategic development of the firm in this very exciting growth phase of our company.

Sacha brings a lot of the essence that adds value to our clients, his insights in how tech and legal trends affect the way we are doing business, and his hands-on experience in building tomorrow’s leadership and expert teams. He has led various transformations through his career, and knows what skills are key to success, particularly in family-owned tech companies, and non-profit orgs. 

He has an extensive network in the global innovation industry, lately having worked within the AI domain, and furthermore has connections with regulators and policymakers in the EU. 

Personally, after our trip to the World Economic Forum Davos 2022 Summit, I see the importance of interpreting, and understanding, what paints tomorrow’s business landscape, hence, what kind of talent will be key to businesses and organisations. And not only in CSR, Diversity, and Inclusion etc. but also in the future of tech. Web 3.0, Metaverse etc. It is this work Sacha will assist me in, keeping us in the forefront of what is cooking in regards of talent acquisition and leadership beyond tomorrow. 

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